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HQ-Sentica Home series purification installations for hardness (CA,MG)

Our range of commercial water cleaners are typically used in applications were high flow rates are required. The uniqueness of these cleaners is the use of only one single type of control valve. Even high-flow installations such as duplex parallel and triplex parallel systems always use the same type of control valve, allowing a very easy installation and programming, but also reducing the need for spare parts of different types of valves. Our HQ-WaterPurifications are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations.


Its operation is based on ion-exchange removing Ca and Mg during the passage through the resin column. Regeneration with sodium salts will take place at saturation.
(this is an automatic process)

- Illuminated display for excellent readability of the display
- Low pressure loss due to one complete 1" control valve
- Very long lifetime of materials
- The filter media remains highly effective in the long term
- Low maintenance costs, no maintenance contracts
- The system can be supplied as a "do it yourself kit"
- Easy to install
- Based on a well water analysis, we provide an installation tailored for your company

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* other capacities / configurations possible


HQ-Water purification also for removal of:

Nitrate | Nitrite | Ammonium | Sulphate | Smell and color Heavy metals (lead, arsenic, etc.) Ask for the possibilities without obligation