The HQ-Flexdoser is designed for dosing dry products on top of the feed, on any auger or mixer. The multiple function of the HQ-Flexdoser makes it possible to be used on various augers or mixers, the lightweight construction facilitates installing and replacing. The product stock is low, filling and control the doser can be done easily through the large opening. By the unique upwards auger system the HQ-Flexdoser doesn't need any mounting height to be placed at the auger, less than 5 cm space above the auger is needed! Inside the doser a rotating wheel avoids bridge formation by keeping the powders in motion which guarantees good mixing of the product(s).

The HQ-Flexdoser is made entirely from stainless steel,equipped with a water-and ammonia-proof motor and controller which are easy applicable to multiple augers. After a treatment the doser can be easily cleaned with compressed air or even water to avoid mixing of old residue with a new product. If not in use the doser can be stored on a dry, clean place until next treatment.

UNIQUE: motor and electronics are using a quick snap (dis)assembly, which allows the HQ Flexdoser to be quickly cleaned.

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300320 HQ-Flexdoser

HQ-Flexdoser - 45 degrees model -...

300330 HQ-Flexdoser

HQ-Flexdoser - 45 degrees model -...

300321 HQ-Flexdoser

HQ-Flexdoser - 45 degrees model -...

300331 HQ-Flexdoser

HQ-Flexdoser - 45 degrees model -...